ACORN TO ACORN - Tales of a Reluctant Adventurer

From scaling the world's remote mountain peaks to overcoming debilitating illness, Rex Hendry's life has been an adventure.  Born and bred in Mangakino, rural New Zealand, a life-long love of the great outdoors and physical activity is at the heart of Acorn to Acorn – Tales of a Reluctant Adventurer.   The story traces Hendry's intrepid life – from long distance running to scaling Himalayan mountains, sailing the southern seas to helping troubled youth, stints working in Antarctica to protecting native New Zealand, and, possibly his biggest challenge, battling chronic fatigue. And, in a poignant, personal account, Hendry recalls the tough decision he had to make when he was one of the first on the scene of New Zealand’s largest aircraft disaster, on Mount Erebus.

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Acorn to acorn


This manuscript languished at the bottom of the wardrobe for 25 years. It is an account of the journey across New Zealand, top to bottom, through the bush. A little under 3000 kilometres in 168 days. It is a ‘first draft’ written a few months after the trip in 1983/84. The route explored the possibility of a North-South Walkway through the country.

The temptation to re-write it and ‘tart it up’ with exciting expletives and dripping metaphors has been resisted. The written word follows this intrepid trek and relays the true characteristics of the journey – rough, raw, tenacious, and at times tedious. It is an authentic account interpreted from the pages of his logbook.

A smelly old tramper from way back, Rex Hendry returned to New Zealand in the early 1980s after studying and working in Outdoor Education in UK and Europe. This journey provides a real link between the theory and the practice!!

Rex now grows lavender & citrus in Taranaki. www.lovelavender.co.nz

Foreword by Graeme Dingle MBE ONZM.

ISBN No: 978-0-473-15780-7

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Are you getting the best out of your facilities?

This publication is vital for all clubs and community organisations.

69 pages stacked full of helpful hints and practical solutions on programming, marketing, organisational structure, equipment and buildings, finances. Fully indexed and easy to read. IDEAL training manual.

ISBN No: 0-473-02544-2

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1992 A.N.Z.A.C. Fellowship Project

1994 N.Z.R.A. Outstanding Project Award

Recommended text for facility management in N.Z. and Australia

First printed 1994

Reprinted 1998

Updated and Reprinted 2004

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The urban fringes are being increasingly used for outdoor recreation, with demand for both space and activities growing.

This guide provides a research framework for Green Fringe Activities, some planning tools and contains a comprehensive selection of suggested activities, based on the range of events and pursuits available within Brisbane Forest Park.



1992 A.N.Z.A.C. Fellowship Project

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Outdoor Education for Alienated Youth

This handbook is for those people working with alientated youth in outdoor programmes. It discusses some of the key issues for youth, a Maori perspective, relevance of outdoor education, therapy provided, an instructional approach and the Wilderness Experience at the Outdoor Pursuits Centre of NZ.

Cartoons courtesy of Murray Ball.

Dissertation for Diploma of Recreation and Sport, 1986. 94 pages.

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Hood in the Woods





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